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Gaelan Bloomfield


Gaelan Bloomfield has served as a non-executive director of ManifestSeven since August 2020, and has been appointed as Redfield Asset Management’s (“Redfield”) representative to the Board of Directors.


Mr. Bloomfield is a career investment banker and management consultant and has focused on supporting the strategic growth of organizations in emerging industries. Prior to cofounding Redfield, Mr. Bloomfield worked at KPMG and Deutsche Bank, gaining experience across capital markets and strategy focused roles. During this time, Mr. Bloomfield advised companies through debt and equity raising, with a focus on structured financing. In addition, Mr. Bloomfield has been involved in cost rationalization and cost reduction exercises in some of Asia Pacific’s largest organizations. 


Mr. Bloomfield has lived and worked in Sydney, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila and Los Angeles. While maintaining his role with Redfield, Mr. Bloomfield also currently acts as board member and advisor to a number of organizations in the cannabis sector with a private equity focus on the US and European cannabis markets. Through his experience in the sector, Mr. Bloomfield has developed an understanding of the dynamics which shape the global cannabis industry and currently focuses on structured financing and investment solutions in the sector. 


Mr. Bloomfield holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of New South Wales.

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