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Scott Wessler


Scott Wessler has been involved with ManfiestSeven since 2015, investing the company’s early phases following extensive research on the cannabis market. He is currently engaged with M7 as a member of its Board of Directors, guiding business strategies involving operations and logistics, real estate, packaging/bottling/automation systems, and other related technologies for implementation in the cannabis space.


Mr. Wessler spent the first 15 years of his career in the field of internet product development, joining the Walt Disney Internet Group in 1996 and participating in the creation of the original Disney.com and Disney Travel websites. During his eight years with Disney, he held leadership roles in the conception and execution of strategies for next-generation, revenue producing online initiatives. As Director of Product Development, Mr. Wessler led Disney’s Blast, at the time the largest kids’ subscription product on the internet with over 100,000 subscribers. He then executive produced Disney’s Toontown Online, the first massively multiplayer online game for kids and families. Toontown Online remained in continual operation until September, 2013.


In 2004, Mr. Wessler joined Local.com as Vice President of Product Development where he guided early stage development of the Local.com search portal product. This product, designed to provide relevant search results for local businesses, products and services, continues to operate today.


In 2006, Mr. Wessler joined Vimpex International Corporation, a family-owned company specializing in the sourcing, importing, sales, and distribution of food products in the U.S. As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Wessler oversees all operational aspects of the company which generates over $40 million in annual sales. Because of strict food safety regulations, Vimpex maintains a strong focus on regulatory compliance with U.S. Customs and FDA and has developed expertise in operating in heavily regulated environments, specifically in the area of consumer packaged goods.


Continuing the development of family assets, in 2011 Mr. Wessler formed Canopi LLC, a family office focused primarily on commercial real estate. Through ownership of several commercial office buildings, he has direct experience with property management, leasing, and financial management of commercial properties.


In 2017, Mr. Wessler Invested in the early phases of Jacksam Corporation, a technology infrastructure company serving the cannabis industry. As the Chairman of Jacksam’s Board of Directors, he focuses primarily on the company’s product sourcing and operations. Utilizing sources and contacts developed through his work with Vimpex International Corp., Mr. Wessler travels to China with Jacksam’s principals on a regular basis to help secure solid partners for the company’s supply side, a fundamental piece enabling their continued growth.


With a breadth of experience across multiple disciplines, Mr. Wessler is committed to enabling the success of the entities he is involved with and helping to professionalize the young cannabis industry.

Scott Wessler - ManifestSeven