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Urban Smedeby


Urban Smedeby was initially engaged by ManifestSeven as a consultant in 2014 and subsequently joined the Company full-time in 2015, serving as President until June 2021. Mr. Smedeby presently serves as a Director.

Mr. Smedeby brings to ManifestSeven more than 25 years of investment banking and fund management experience with early-stage companies. He is the co-founder of two boutique investment banking firms, establishing Bentley Richards and Associates in 1991 and Bridgewater Capital in 1994, where he served as President until 2014.

During his career in corporate finance, Mr. Smedeby has structured, negotiated, and successfully completed in excess of 150 transactions in various equity and debt structures. He co-managed Triton Private Equities, one of the first funds focused on private investment in public equity funds, which set the standard for how small- and mid-cap companies access secondary financing. He co-managed Instream Capital LLC, a convertible debt fund that was a component of a $4 billion hedge fund. In connection with Bridgewater Capital, Mr. Smedeby also co-managed the Oceanus Value Fund, which focused on bridging the financing gap between venture-capital funding rounds and a subsequent initial public offering or other liquidity event.

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