• Kristen Fox

    Kristin Fox is founder and principal of FoxInspires LLC. Launched in 2008, FoxInspires provides access to intelligence and information that helps investors and managers …

  • Sturges Karban

    Chief Executive Officer

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Daniel Sekers

    Daniel Sekers has served as a non-executive director of ManifestSeven since January 2017. He currently serves as the Chairman of global cybersecurity company Votiro …

  • Scott Wessler

    Scott Wessler has been involved with ManfiestSeven since 2015, investing the company’s early phases following extensive research on the cannabis market. He is currently …



  • Sturges Karban

    Chief Executive Officer

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Urban Smedeby

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Pierre Rouleau

    Chief Operators Officer

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Jordan Gerber

    Chief Financial Officer

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Dmitry Gordeychev

    Chief Investment Officer

    Chief Investment Officer
  • M. Dilshad Kasmani

    Dilshad Kasmani joined ManifestSeven in September 2019 and serves as the Company’s Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary.   Mr. Kasmani has …

    Chief Legal Officer
  • Helene Blanchette

    Helene Blanchette is President of MyJane, a ManifestSeven company specialized in the development of a women’s and wellness-focused channel. Prior to this role, Ms. …

    President - MyJane
  • Jane Castro

    Senior Director of Operations
  • Camille McCutcheon

    Camille McCutcheon has more than 12 years of experience in Internet retail startups – helping to build and ultimately sell to ManifestSeven the likes …

    Director of Digital Marketing
  • Cara Raffele

    Ms. Raffele joined the Company in June 2019 as Vice President of Marketing following M7’s acquisition of MyJane. As a co-founder of MyJane, Ms. …

    Vice President of Marketing
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